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Silent Auction

We are quickly approaching the Toastmaster District 40 Conference in Charleston, West Virginia, the
weekend of May 1, 2020 at the Charleston Marriott Hotel. It is going to be a big event for all Toastmasters
and guests to enjoy and learn about being a more effective TM member. This year as part of our conference
we are going to have A Silent Auction Event So, please put your creative hats on and come up with Silent
Auction items from your club or local businesses and public events in your area. More items, the better!

The idea for a good Silent Auction item is to think of something you would like to bid on yourself. For me, I
have bid on tickets to a sporting event in a distant city and a one of a kind Easter Bunny teapot.

District 40 is made up of portions of West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, so it would be nice to have
items that show what your area has to offer. Such as, a basket of DONATED items from any state could
consist of homemade food items or handmade crafts. Other items that would be a hot bid would be
DONATED tickets to a ball game, an area zoo or theme park. This type of bid allows people to travel and
vacation to your District 40 territory after the conference, or maybe visit your club and make new friends?
Some ideas for members are to go through your stored and dusty belongings of old collectibles that others
would love to have. Items here to consider are pictures, plates, silverware, lamps, books, games, posters,
antiques, glassware, mirrors, small furniture etc. Clean it up, fix it up and wrap it with a bow.

It is amazing what people will bid on, it’s a FLEA MARKET atmosphere.

HOWEVER, if your item is not bid on, don’t feel bad. Just take it home with you. Please!
Remember that when approaching a business owner about a donation to a 501C (3) Non-Profit Organization
like Toastmasters the cost of the donation is tax-deductible. Toastmasters will provide the appropriate
documents to give them as well as a THANK YOU Letter from your club and an opportunity to invite them to
join Toastmasters. These documents will be forthcoming. Every Club and/or an individual are encouraged to
provide a Silent Auction Item.

Start thinking and planning now. The deadline for a description ONLY of your item(s) will be the week of April
4, to Friday, April 10, 2020. Bring your item with you to the conference. We will have a locked room for the
items. If you have questions contact me at the information below.

Contact: Sally Reed Snyder
District 40 Silent Auction Chair

Tax Exempt Form

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