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7:30 – 8:00 AM     


We are trying something new at this conference.  You will have an opportunity to visit four stations where Toastmasters will provide you information about a specific topic and answer questions.  Each session will last 6 minutes.  After 6 minutes, you will move on to another topic.  You will be able to visit four stations.

  1. Corporate Education Program (Christi Hughes, ACB, ALB):   Learn the ins-and-outs of the new developed Corporate Education Programs within Toastmasters International.  BIO: Christi currently works at Cincinnati Insurance Company as a Business Analyst in the IT Department. She is married to her best friend, Will, and resides in the Cincinnati area. Her son, Austin, has the pleasure of living in Los Angeles, CA where he is pursuing his holistic health coaching certification. Christi has a true passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams and is privileged to have the opportunity to impact lives around her.

  2. The "Ins and Outs" of Club Coaching (Scott Holahan, PMP, ACS, ALS):  Scott will provide updated information on the requirements for becoming a club coach, up to and including submitting your name for an assignment. He will also provide resources available to you from Toastmasters International.  BIO:  Scott has held many Engineering, Manufacturing, and Project Management roles in AT&T, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent, and Nokia. He joined Toastmasters in 2012 to improve his facilitation and confidence with speaking/presenting and leading others. That has been manifested in taking Club and District roles including Club President, VPE, VPPR, and Area Director (of the Year 2017-18 in D40). Scott is currently serving as Division H Director in Columbus.

  3. Shaping Future Speakers and Leaders: How Toastmasters Serves Youth (Todd Beitelschees, ACS, ALB: EC1):  Student and Young Professional Leadership programs are designed to develop the speaking and leadership skills of young people. Discover how Toastmasters can help the next generation meet the demands and challenges of t oday's world.  BIO: Todd started his career working with adults with disabilities and then continued with youth aged 3-21 as a school psychologist. His career interests included systems and organizational change, autism, dyslexia, moral development, neuropsychology, and suicide prevention. As a Toastmaster, he has served in every club officer role and recently has taken an active role in District Leadership. He continues to be fascinated by human growth and development and seek to elevate those he meets

  4. How to Form a New Club (Past District Governor Kevin Vorheis, DTM):
    While you cant start a Toastmasters club in 6 minutes (darn) , you will learn the basic steps involved in setting up one - or many!

  5. Building membership through Speechcraft (Past International Director Sandy Vogele DTM):  A discussion on how to use Speechcraft inside your club meetings and at a different location/time as a membership building tool.  BIO: Sandy has been a member of Toastmasters since March 1980.  Sandy has been a member of Toastmasters in two countries (Canada and USA).  She remains in Toastmasters because she believes the program is beneficial to everyone and she enjoys helping and watching people hone their skills.

  6. How to Use Moments of Truth (Past International Director Jim Vogele DTM): A discussion on how to use Moments of Truth in your club to evaluate and improve your club environment to benefit your members and future members.  BIO: Jim has been a member of Toastmasters since March 1965. 

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Wagar Olive.jpg

8:15-9:00 AM

The Organized Toastmaster (Olive Wager, DTM):  


Set your agenda for personal success by taking advantage of simple tips to organize your Toastmaster experience! From setting goals and creating files to effectively managing all the emails and paperwork, you will feel efficient, organized, and on track for personal and professional success.  BIO: DTM Olive Wagar has been involved with Toastmasters since 2015. She has served as Charter President for Miami County Toastmasters (the only club in Miami County), as well as VP Membership. In addition, she served as Area 5 Director 2016-2017. Olive is the owner of Organized by Olive LLC and uses her communication skills to help overwhelmed people discover the less cluttered side of life. She writes a weekly blog and offers educational and inspirational presentations to community groups, business groups, and faith-based ladies groups.


8:15-9:00 AM  


Being Aware of the Power We Possess (Mike House, CC):  


Personal development is a topic Mike is passionate about. The journey started for him in the Fall of 2013 when he picked up a book called The Wealth Choice by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. Since then, he has been intentional with self-development. He believes it's the greatest investment one can ever make. We have been gifted with a valuable resource - the mind. With such a gift, we're able to accomplish much in life. His goal is to bring awareness of the power we possess.  BIO: Mike House was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and has been in Cincinnati, OH for 11 years. He and his wife, Monisha, have two sons - Hezekiah and Jaxson. Mike earned a bachelors from Indiana University and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. He has worked in various Finance and Audit capacities over the last 14 years for 4 Fortune 500 companies; which includes Walmart, Macy’s, General Electric, and Fifth Third Bank. Lastly, Mike is a Certified Member of the John Maxwell Team.


8:15-9:00 AM   


Ordinary to Extraordinary Team (Sagar Kulkarni ACB, ALB):  


Congratulations, you are leading a new team. Taking Ordinary people from Ordinary Team can do extraordinary things when given the right tools. How to be a Leader to motivate others? Leaders can build a Team to accomplish the extraordinary only when the individuals within it believe they can do extraordinary things.   BIO: Sagar has over 20 years of professional experience with two Masters degrees, Executive Program, Research Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, Stanford, etc. He has served as a guest lecturer at Carnegie Mellon, OSU, etc. Sagar co-founded and sold three successful startup companies. Currently, he works for a Fortune 10 Company. He has presented and hosted several workshops, town hall meetings, and conferences.


8:15-9:00 AM 


Condition Your Mind for Success and Peak Performance (Ravi Tenneti, ACB):  


The human mind is a powerful tool. Everything you see in the world started as a thought in the mind of someone. Our thoughts drive our actions. You are capable of directing the mind to create success for yourself and others. In this workshop, Ravi will talk about how to condition your mind and thoughts towards taking action. These practical insights can be applicable in any area and helps you to create success.  Ravi Tenneti is a Technologist, Management Consultant, Leadership Speaker, and Coach. He is a member of the John Maxwell team and a certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. He has been actively involved in Toastmasters since 2015 and he is current Central Division Director. Ravi is passionate about Personal Effectiveness and Leadership and releasing his first book in April 2019.


10:30-11:45 AM


Tiny Is Mighty - Unlocking the Power of Habits (Griffin Lilly Jr.):  


Do your habits help you to grow or die? Have you ever wanted to change yet don't know how? Have you tried everything you can think possible to change and failed? In this workshop, you will learn the strategies of how changing your habits can be the key to unlock radical change based on the books Atomic Habits by James Clear and Mini-Habits by Stephen Guise.  BIO: Cincinnati native Griffin Lilly Jr. found his speaking voice through the educational vehicle of Toastmasters International. Since joining Toastmasters in 2017, he has transformed from a person who people ignored when speaking to an engaging, powerful presenter and speaker who helps people transcend their weaknesses.  


10:30-11:45 AM


Maverick Leadership (Dawn Nocera, DTM):  


Discover what it takes to make an impact (and income) sharing your wisdom as a freedom-loving, rule-breaking, out-of-the-box Maverick. During the session, participants will discover:  What it means to be a Maverick Leader and the compelling reasons why leading others can be difficult for Mavericks-yet so imperative!  The 3 keys to making an impact instead of triggering resistance.  Myths that can sabotage the success of Mavericks.  BIO: Dawn Nocera is a life and success coach to coaches, healers and leaders in the top 1% of their industry. Dawn uses her gifts of intuition and insight into success to help renegade rebels become Maverick Leaders by sharing their wisdom and life experience to activate transformation. Dawn has created over 30 leading edge coaching programs, DVDs, MP3, books, and workshops over the past 12 years and has worked with MTV, world champion speakers, professional athletes, award winning sales teams, and maverick leaders on leading edge. Her books include: 7 Keys to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Developing the Mind, Manifesting Mindfulness, and Maverick Healership (Oct 2019)

10:30-11:45 AM

Stop Giving Speeches - Start Creating Experiences (Michael Davis):  


How to Deliver Every Presentation in a Dynamic Style.  Michael joined Toastmasters International in 1994 to save his job.  Because of his experiences in our organization, he was transformed from a fearful speaker to a confident and competent communicator.  He is a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, professional speaker and author.  Because of his dedication to the craft, Michael is sought by speakers all over the world.  Michael also works closely with speakers in the Ted X Cincinnati event, and has successfully coached several speakers in Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking annual contest.

10:30-11:45 AM    

Mini-Class: Create Professional Looking Collateral for Free (Tammy York, CC):  


Improve your creditability with stunning customized collateral.  In this step-by-step, mini-class you’ll learn how to use a free online graphic design tool to create stunning materials, where to find free images, and how to use your photos. You don’t need one ounce of creativity to benefit from this mini-class. Join us and say goodbye to clumsy marketing and public relation materials and hello to sleek designs customized by you!  If you fear graphic design and don’t have the cash to pay thousands to a graphic designer, I’ve got the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy answer for you, and it is free.  BIO: Tammy York is a business owner, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, commissioned artist, mother of two amazing daughters, wife, and servant to one small dog.  She is a seasoned marketing expert with the unique ability to simplify complicated information. York's company, LandShark Communications LLC, has been building websites, creating lead generation systems, and producing content for businesses for over 15 years. She has worked for a variety of companies ranging from software firms to government agencies and plastic to steel bridge manufacturers.

1:15-1:45 PM    

Have You Got What It Takes?  (Past International Director Cindy Pavella DTM):

Nearly all problem-solving or project work today takes place in groups, whether on-site, virtual, or a combination.  Do a Google search on how to be a good leader, team member, or collaborator and you will spend days sifting through all the blogs, TED talks, and research articles.   In this session, we will discuss three traits gleaned from the world of entertainment.  You will be provided with tips to maximize one or more of these traits.  You will leave feeling assured that you have got what it takes to fully contribute to an effective, mutually satisfying, and productive group.


Lechton _Terri.jpg

8:30-9:15 am 


The Adventurer’s Mindset – Challenging Yourself and Club Members to Realize Their Dreams (Terri Lechton DTM):  


Are you ready to realize your dream for greatness? Challenge yourself to reach new levels? Feel like an adventurer in your life story? Terri will present ideas from her experiences in working with organizations and individuals in the area of change, visioning and strategy as well as her experience as an adventurer to help participants create their own adventure challenge. Whether you start with a dream of something you want to accomplish or are looking for your dreams, you can begin to create a path for getting there. Terri will show you how to apply the techniques to either a life or career goal.  In the second part of the workshop, she will share techniques that clubs can use to help their members discover and define their individual dreams for greatness. By understanding what these are, she will share and help the group develop ideas about how to create an adventurers mindset and foster movement toward goals using resources both inside and outside the club. By being the resource connection, you can retain your members longer.  BIO: Terri has been an adventurer most of her life despite persistent asthma that presents a challenge. She writes and speaks about adventure in the attempt to motivate others to stretch themselves beyond their normal routines to reach their dreams. In her day job, she is a business consultant and professor who winds stories of challenges, success and adventure into her discussions of strategy, management, and entrepreneurship. She has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies and non-profits in the area of strategy development, organizational change and new venture startup. In her doctoral studies, she studied the impact of environment on a person’s entrepreneurial experience and risk. Armed with experiences and tools from the corporate world and her own adventure pursuits, she seeks to share ways for others to live their dreams. Terri has traveled to over 40 counties and 6 continents including completing a half-marathon in Antarctica. She has a Bachelors in Engineering, Masters in Business Administration and Doctorate in Management.

8:30-9:15 AM

Participant Building in the Corporate Education Programs (Christi Hughes, ACB, ALB):  


The Corporate Education Program continues to develop and grow within the International Toastmasters space and District 40 is a leader in this new program. This session will focus on cultivating opportunities to increase the involvement of participants at the Corporate Education Program level. Come learn tangible ways to initiate, build, and maintain participation at the Corporate level.  BIO:  Christi currently works at Cincinnati Insurance Company as a Business Analyst in the IT Department. She is married to her best friend, Will, and resides in the Cincinnati area. Her son, Austin, has the pleasure of living in Los Angeles, CA where he is pursuing his holistic health coaching licensure. Christi has a true passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams and is privileged to have the opportunity to impact lives around her.


11:00-11:45 AM


Grab Them From the Get Go:  7 Tools to Hook Attention (Kay Fittes, ACG, CL):  


One of the greatest challenges with any audience is overcoming the life and work distractions they are focused on. Plus, combine short attention spans and the 24/7 entertainment world they live in, and the speaker cannot be boring. There are exciting and engaging methods that you can use to captivate your audience. We will explore and practice 7 options to try in your very next presentation. Come out every time with punch and pizzazz!  BIO:   Kay Fittes is the founder and CEO of High-Heeled Success, LLC, specializing in training, keynote presentations, and coaching for women. Her registered trademark, High-Heeled Success®, is a system for empowering women to command a competitive edge in the workplace.  A key component for career success is being a commanding presenter, so workshops and coaching on mastering dynamic speaking skills is a significant resource offered by Ms. Fittes.  Having presented to over 100,000 people in close to 3,000 programs, Kay knows what it takes to impact an audience.


11:00-11:45 AM


Ignite Magnificence in Your Speaking Using the MQformula™ (Z Newell CC):  


This workshop is based on practical skills as outlined in Z’s latest book Ignite Your Magnificence: the MQformula™ for Discovering Passion, Purpose and Power in YOUR Life.  The workshop will outline the key components of the MQformula™ (self-awareness and heart-sourced vision), and how to develop and practice those to step into powerful, intentional action. Specifically, Z will use examples related to speaking endeavors. What fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs are holding you back from your vision as a speaker and presenter? What immediate tools can you use to move past those in your presentations? What are you truly most passionate about that you can use to make your presentations unique, authentic and powerful? What "aha moments" are in the air around you as you present that you can open up to and make a part of your actual speech?  BIO:  Z Newell is an inspirational speaker, author, consultant, and trainer. He refers to himself as a Transformation Catalyst, whose mission is “to inspire people’s magnificence by igniting passionate engagement in their life and work.” Z delivers keynotes, dynamic workshops, and trainings on a wide range of topics guaranteed to inspire Magnificence in those participating!  BIO:  Z brings almost 40 years of experience as business owner & entrepreneur. He works with organizations and businesses to strengthen individual’s personal growth as well as overall company culture. His focus is to increase passionate engagement in both life and the workplace, and to bring clarity to individual and company’s mission, core values and purpose.  His recently released book, Ignite Your Magnificence: The MQformula™ for Discovering Passion, Purpose and Power in YOUR Life, hit #1 in the Amazon Kindle best seller charts in six different categories related to Personal and Spiritual Transformation, De-Stressing, Motivation, and more.  His next book in this series, Ignite Your Magnificence AT WORK: How to GIVE YOUR ALL and LOVE IT, will focus even more specifically on how to use his proprietary MQformula™ to develop a more powerful relationship to your work. By increasing our self-awareness and diving more passionately into our heart-sourced vision, we can apply ourselves and shift our relationship to that all-encompassing work that is necessary for most of us in this life.

11:00-11:45 AM


Membership Building in Community Clubs (Past District Governor Kevin Vorheis DTM):


How many of you belong to a club that has TOO many members?  Do you want new members but dont know where to find them? How does your club reach out to your community and does your community know that you exist? What process do you have in place to enroll a new member once they sign up and what do you do to orient your new members to make them feel like they are part of your club?" You will learn the answers to these and other questions during this session. 



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